Why Go Mobile?

  • Over 1/3 of ALL users access the Internet ONLY with smart phones and tablets!
  • More than 50% of ALL Internet users access search engines ONLY with their mobile devices!
  • Over 70% of mobile online searches lead to an action within an hour, while 70% of desktop online searches lead to an action within a month!
  • Almost 80% of users who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitors site
  • Facebook's stock rose over 50% recently after mobile ad revenue announced!

What is a Mobile Website?

A Mobile Website can retain the content and flow of your current site, which responds to any screen size, known as "responsive" design. Graphically, this style of mobile site retains the essentials, ensuring it remains readable, can be navigated, keeps load times minimal, and is faster! "Responsive design" is also preferred by Google!

Alternatively, a Mobile Website can be a stand-alone entity, designed specifically for hand held devices, such as smart phones and tablets with content tailored specifically for the mobile user. Simpler versions feature a "stripped down" version of current Website highlighting what most all users are looking for NOW! Examples: Movie theaters would "highlight" show times, etc.

Who Is Cyberlaunch Mobile?

An affiliate of Cyberlaunch, specializing in custom front-end website design, back-end website development, and a focus on marketing and customer conversion for over 20 years, making it one of the world's longest running Internet companies of its kind! And now, dedicated solely to the future of internet usage... MOBILE... we bring you Cyberlaunch Mobile... Mobile Website services ONLY including design, development, search, and marketing.

Providing custom mobile site design, Cyberlaunch Mobile tailors their site development with your mobile viewing audience in mind, with both "Stand Alone" and "Responsive" mobile sites. Why one mobile site over the other depends on the user! Is your mobile audience looking for something NOW, such as your number and/or location? Or are they looking for more detailed information that would come from your desktop site? Cyberlaunch Mobile has you covered either way!

How Do Mobile Sites and Apps Differ?

  • Immediacy - Mobile Websites Are Instantly Available
  • Compatibility - Mobile Websites are Compatible Across Devices
  • Upgradability - Mobile Websites Can Be Updated Instantly
  • Findability - Mobile Websites Can be Found Easily
  • Reach - Mobile Websites Have Broader Reach
  • Life Cycle - Mobile Websites Can't be Deleted
  • Time and Cost - Mobile Websites are Less Expensive to Build and Maintain

Where Is Cyberlaunch Mobile Located?

PO Box 45568
Omaha, NE 68145-0568

Telephone: 402.498.9080

General Inquiries