Website Programming, Scripting, and Application Development

Website Programming, Scripting, and Application Development:

Shopping Cart / e-Commerce Development

There are many things to consider when building an e-commerce application or shopping cart, such as:

  • Are there item variables, such as size, color?
  • Will you accept credit cards and/or virtual checks?
  • Do you have an online merchant account set up with your bank?
  • Will you interface with your inventory database for real-time item availability?
  • Will you provide order tracking and customer history?

Cyberlaunch will help you determine the answers to these questions and ultimately provide the necessary software or customized application to meet your specific needs.

Database Development

Cyberlaunch will help you determine if building a database is necessary for your site, if so, what information it should hold, and how that information should be displayed on your website. Dependent upon the functionality needed for your site and the sheer amount of available information, we will build you a database to house and "feed" that information to your users. A database can also be used to help you manage your site, whether you need to display information to the user, or store information on the back-end to help you manage your site.

Cyberlaunch is also proficient in scripting an interface between your back office and online data. This can be useful in keeping track of real-time inventory between your "bricks and mortar" shop and your online shop. Whatever your needs, we can assist you each step of the way, from the initial specs to implementation and management.

Web-based Client Management Systems

Cyberlaunch offers on-going site maintenance and management services and can develop a package of services tailored to your specific needs. If you would rather maintain the site for yourself, yet have no knowledge of website coding, we can develop a web-based interface so that you can maintain your own site, from content, file sharing, and photo uploading, all within a very user-friendly interface.

Specialized Site Tracking

Tracking the success of your website can be an absolute necessity in keeping your site relevant. Although there are many excellent prepackaged reporting tools available, they might not track the unique information your looking for. Based on your tracking needs, Cyberlaunch can either recommend a prepackaged solution, or even develop a program tailored specifically to your business.

Client Specific Program Development

With so many "apps" available in this day and age, perhaps you still can't find one that fits your specific needs. What do you need done? Can it be done? In over 25 years of business we have gained the knowledge and experience that enables us to build custom applications for clients when there are no packaged alternatives.

Blogs, Forums

A blog is a website or section of a site, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary. Blogs are often used to post individuals opinions, activities, even "rants" and usually cover many, diverse subjects.

An Internet forum, is a web application for holding discussions and allows the posting of user-generated content and responses. Commonly each forum covers one subject, with sub-forums used to cover additional subjects.

If you are interested in a blog or forum for your site, Cyberlaunch can assist you in choosing the correct software package or service, or develop a custom application based on your unique needs.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are somewhat like Flash, in that they can be costly and, in some cases, unnecessary. With that being said, there are many relevant and effective reasons to develop a virtual tour, such as for real estate. In some cases, a simple slide show will suffice. We can help you determine which is right for you, if there are other options, or if you even need a virtual tour at all.

Online Appointment Schedulers

A great tool to fill your open appointments. With this application you can post open times and allow users to schedule them — once a user selects an open appointment, it becomes closed, so that there is no danger of over-booking. We can also customize an appointment scheduler to meet your specific needs.

Auto-emails and Auto-responders

A fairly simple tool, but one that can be necessary for a higher level of customer service. A few uses are automated emails to customers based on birthdays or special occasions; an automated email response sent to a customer who emails you (ever sent an email or submitted a form only to wonder if it was ever received). A real time-saver as the copy can be predetermined and, in turn, be distributed by the application automatically.