Website Design and Development Services

Website Design and Development Services:

Website Design and Development

Whether you have no idea what you want in a website, an initial plan, or even a current website, Cyberlaunch can assist you at all levels of service to ensure your site meets industry standards, visitor usability, and is search engine friendly — from design and development to the on-going maintenance and management of your site.

Graphic Design, Image Development, and Layout

Graphic design is an important aspect of any website. Users are becoming much more sophisticated in today's world. They not only prefer high quality graphics, they demand them.

Our graphic artists have been working with websites for over 25 years and have the knowledge and creativity to design to your satisfaction, whether it be the creation of one graphic or an entire conceptual graphic layout for your site.

Copy Writing

Copy writing for a website may have the same underlying foundation as traditional copy writing, but usability and search engine friendliness also come into play. Also, as search engines and SEO/SEM are becoming more and more imperative to the success of a website, copy must be written to account for this. When writing the copy for your site, Cyberlaunch focuses on both usability and marketability.

Whether you supply your own copy and simply need it optimized it for the web, or you need copy written from scratch, Cyberlaunch has the knowledge and expertise to do either.

Site Optimization

As mentioned in Copy Writing, copy must be written with not only the user in mind, but also with focus on search engine visibility. Things such as underlying code and tagging play a very important role in proper site optimization. How the site and copy are structured, keyword/term density, search engine friendly coding, and much more, are all factors.

As the web has become more sophisticated and competitive, so have search engines. There is much more to gaining rank on search engines than the Meta tags of the past.


Quality speaks volumes. How many sites have you been to where the photos are too dark, washed out, or just plain blurry? Using poor quality photos in today's high-definition world will no doubt lessen your visitors' impression of you and your business. To ensure your website represents your business properly, Cyberlaunch offers the photography services necessary, whether it be a professional photographer to take all new photos, or strictly optimizing your photos for the web.

Logo Creation

Branding is usually in the forefront of any business owner's mind. A recognizable logo for your company can go a long way. Cyberlaunch can help you create a new logo, or update your current logo, all with your industry and target audience in mind.