Mixed Martial Arts Services

Modern Medicine works very closely with many promoters & fighters. We email directly to most promoters and fax your state's athletic commission. 

Must have blood work completed a minimum of five business days before your fight. If you need it sooner there will be extra charges for rush orders. Blood work must be completed every 12 months.

Nebraska Athletic Commision Regulations 


The Nebraska Athletic Commission requires at the time of original licensing for all professional contestants or license renewal, that all professional applicants for licensing must complete an annual physical examination and neurological examination by a qualified doctor of medicine (MD). All professional applicants for original licensing or license renewal, must undergo an annual eye examination. The results of the physical examination and eye examination must be on file in the commission office prior to issuing an original license to professional contestants, or renewing a current license.The Athletic Commission recommends that all amateur contestants undergo an annualphysical and eye examination.


All applicants for a professional boxers, professional wrestlers, amateur or professional mixed martial arts contestants and elimination bout contestants license must submit at the time of application for initial licensure and annually thereafter; results of a negative tests for the HIV Virus, Hepatitis C Antibody and Hepatitis B Virus, and within 15 days of license renewal, or as otherwise directed by the Commission. The testing for the HIV Virus, Hepatitis C Antibody and Hepatitis B Virus may be conducted at a certified laboratory of his/her choice. Failure to submit the original or certified copy of the laboratory test results to the Commission a minimum of 14 days prior to a scheduled event will result in the ineligibility of the applicant to participate unless other arrangements have been made and approved in writing by the commissioner. The applicant is responsible for securing and paying for any, and all medical testing required by the commission.

Iowa Athletic Commission Regulations

177.5(11) Blood-borne disease testing

At least one week before each event, the promoter shall submit to the labor commissioner and to the ringside physician test results showing that each contestant scheduled for the event tested negative for the human immunodeficiency, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C viruses within the six-month period prior to the event. The contestant shall not participate and the physician shall notify the promoter that the contestant is prohibited from participating for medical reasons if any of the following occurs:

Missouri Athletic Commission Regulations

20 CSR 2040-8.050

Requires bloodwork every 180 days. Within one hundred eighty (180) days of application for licensure, a contestant shall successfully complete a physical examination by a physician with the designation “medical doctor” or “doctor of osteopathy” and submit a written statement from the physician attesting the contestant is in sufficient medical condition to compete as a mixed martial arts contestant. Contestants shall disclose all medical history and conditions to the physician during the physical examination, including, whether the contestant is pregnant. The office may increase the one hundred eighty (180)-day limit under special circumstances approved by the office; and (F) Submit certified copies of medical tests performed by a laboratory verifying that the applicant is not infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or hepatitis B or C virus. The medical tests shall not be dated more than one hundred and eighty (180) days before the application is submitted. A statement from a physician or doctor of osteopathy indicating that the applicant has successfully completed a full course of vaccinations for hepatitis B may be submitted in lieu of the medical tests pursuant to this rule for hepatitis B.