DNA Testing Services

At Modern Medicine, DNA tests are both discreet and confidential. We offer informational paternity tests and legal paternity tests which can be used in a court of law.

We also offer fast, affordable and convenient specimen collections performed by professionals. Typically, you will receive the results of your test in five to seven business days. And another three to five business days for the notarized copy for legal tests. 

Paternity Testing

The Chain of Custody DNA paternity test is admissible in a court of law and will determine (with 99.99% accuracy) the biological father of your child.

Unlike at-home paternity tests you buy online or in store (where you are likely to do it incorrectly), Modern Medicine offers affordable and convenient paternity tests performed by a certified professional. Our facilities are clean, convenient and customer-focused – we know the value of your time and money.

Modern Medicine works with accredited laboratories to ensure accuracy, quality and performance.

Infidelity Testing

Unfortunately, infidelity is problem plaguing many relationships today. At Modern Medicine, we can test female infidelity, male with a female infidelity and male with a male infidelity. Our standard infidelity test is $359.

In any of the above investigations, laboratory analysis is performed in two stages: screening and DNA analysis. To perform screening, a stain sample must be provided from undergarments, clothing, bed sheets, upholstery, or other surfaces. The stain sample should be stored in a paper bag or envelope at room temperature. Do not place in a plastic bag or refrigerate.

If biological stains or semen are detected during the screening process, a DNA analysis is performed using a swab sample from the partner. This will determine if the stain is from the partner or an unknown person. Condom usage can eliminate semen for testing, but DNA from saliva or other sources can still be detected.