We are a state-of-the-art retail lab testing facility that offers thousands of medical lab tests affordably and conveniently. We help you take control of your own health.

We offer the same tests as your doctor's office at a lower cost! No insurance needed!

Convenient, Quick, Affordable

Walk-ins are welcome for any of our 10,000 different tests! Typically we get most of our results back within 24-48 hours. However, some test do take longer than 24-48 hours.  If there is something abnormal, you may then consult with your physician.

We offer thousands of tests, all of which are collected by our courteous professionals and are analyzed by national certified laboratories.

Collection Partners

Flu Shots: at our office or on-site clinics

Modern Medicine offers remote vaccination options to ensure that those who cannot attend an onsite event can receive their vaccination. Why is hosting a seasonal flu clinic important to your company's business goals? Every year, 5 to 20% of Americans will get the flu, resulting in lost days of work and disrupted productivity. Immunized adults have demonstrated a reduction in lost work days and doctor visits.

A healthy and productive workforce is critical to the success of any business — and the flu can have a negative impact on your bottom line. Clearly, a seasonal flu clinic can be an effective and efficient way to save on direct and indirect cost.

Wellness, Health Fairs & Biometric Screenings:
at our office or on-site clinics

These primary prevention services are aimed at averting the onset of disease by controlling your employee population's risk factors. Biometric screenings point out risks and behaviors to employees who may have otherwise remained unaware that their current or future health could be negatively affected. In fact, over 20% of employees identify Biometric Screening events as the trigger to address their health issues. High-value preventive clinical services identify at-risk employees, engage them in appropriate interventions, address their unique health needs, and help them onto the path to overall good health and well-being.